Monster girls

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Bubbline Art by Natasha Allegri

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Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars in old Barbie style.

You can see Sailor Moon and Chibimoon here.

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01.  The Demon Queen of Limbo.

MARCH IS THE MIGHTY MONTH OF MARVEL!  One new character from the Marvel Multiverse every day.  To kick it off I give you… Magik.  Badass younger sister of Colossus, sometime Demon Queen to the malefic hordes of Limbo, occasional Dark Goddess of the Phoenix Force.  Always fearsome to behold.

This image ended up being a little more J-horror than I’d expected, but that’s what I get for continuing to dress the X-men in prep school uniforms.

If you’d like to see a particular dude or dudette from the mighty pages of Marvel comics, feel free to Ask Me.

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05. The Girl With Dragonfly Wings

I posted two versions of Pixie. One is that greyscale treatment I’ve been doing and the other one is so candy coated that IT WILL GIVE YOU DIABEETUS.

Also, dudes, I have gotten SO MANY requests today (around 100) that your requests have become votes. There are only so many days in any month, even a Mighty Month of Marvel.

Kid Omega and, inexplicably, Dr. Stephen Frigging Strange, are in the lead. CAST YOUR VOTE, TRUE BELIEVERS, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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16  The Woman Who Lost Herself

It didn’t feel right to polish up this drawing, for some reason.  I think it feels sadder unfinished.  So you get a sketch, internet.

Psylocke is so tragic.  She’s lost, on one or more occasions, her face, her body, her lover, her brother, her mind, her life, and her sanity.  And what does she have to show for it?

 A series of rad costumes and Jim Lee drawings.  Probably worth it.

Drawing by Jake Wyatt

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some people do not understand why X-23 fans are so angered by what’s going on with her in ANXM 

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Reblogging one’s own drawing is like attending a tiny surprise party.  It’s nice when something makes it’s way to tumblr before I bother to post it up.


Kitty and Lockheed.

illustration by Jacob Wyatt :: via

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13  Hawkeye

14  Hawkguy

15  Pizza Dog

So Hawkeye is probably one of the greatest monthlies in print at the moment.  It’s a perfect version of itself, a perfect fusion of artists and writer, of Hawkeye and Hawkguy, of pizza and dog.  Read it.  Read it all.  Let Hawkeye, starring Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) and Hawkeye (Clint Barton) and Pizza Dog (Arrow Lucky), become your monthly present to yourself.

Because every month could use some sprucing up.  Even a Mighty Month of Marvel.  Spruce it up by VOTING for the Marvel character you love best.

I love Pizza Dog best.

Drawing by me, Jake Wyatt

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basically my life can be summed up in alternating periods of Linda Belcher’s “Alriiiiight!” and Bob Belcher’s “Oh my god”

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